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Distance 20.5km
Elevation gain 870m
Avg. Grade 4.20%
Climb Cat. HC
Course Granfondo


Long, long, long, 20km long hill.
The 20-kilometer GuRyong pass reverse, which has to go through depleted stamina, is a HELL!!!
By this time, there is no energy left on the exhausted legs, and the jersey which is sweaty and dried repeated wave of white salt.
It is a place that makes you think once about “Have I ever been harder than this moment?”
Y might feel being thrown alone in this world while looking at the sun that is lurking over the Guryong pass.

There is no house during uphill, so you need to prepare water if you do not have enough food supply in 3 feed zone at under the hill.


The dragon was shaped like a ninety-nine figure that waved a long body and was named ‘Gu(nine)-Ryong(dragon) pass’.

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