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Feed zone

-On the Mediofondo course, there are two feed zone.
-On the Granfondo course, there are five feed zone.
-The third feed zone (Wonjingae feed zone) is operated as ‘special feed zone’.
-‘Special feed zone’ means the participant drop the foods prepared by himself/herself in an operations center and receive them at the third feed zone.   Items for deposit will be limited to a fixed volume (23 cm across, 30 cm length envelope ) and plastic bag will be distributed on the event day.
-You can deposit special foods at the Deposit Special Food point  from 06:00 ~ 07:00 on the event day.
-Deposited items for special foods will be given at the third feed zone(Wonjingae feed zone).  Please deposit ONLY granfondo riders.
-Items which are not reclaimed will be discarded.

Seorak Granfondo Office

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