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2019 SGF Theme : 탐험;Expedition

All riding is EXPEDITION.

Not only the first adventurous course, but also the riding on familiar course that we riding every time gives us different experience and feeling.   The seasons change all the time and the weather changes every time. The direction of the wind most important for rider is also different.    Sometimes we are so insensitive that we do not get to know the changes and feelings.   

The word expedition has some possibility of failure.

If you think that just returning with "safe" after going somewhere is the whole of riding, it is difficult for riding to be expedition. Some riding faster   than last time, perfect cornering where I failed last time, not losing tempo in spite of headwind, laying down everything, feeling syllabic and   grassy smell all over ... etc. It is much better than that, but some riding is also left behind.

Also, in expedition, there are some things that you have not thought about, something that you may encounter. Sometimes it's good, but   sometimes it's not. If it is good, we just enjoy it that much, and if it is not good, we will grow a bit more mature with proper handling without   losing calm. If there is a day, each other as there is night. There are elements that are opposite.   

So, expecting something that I did not even think about today ... I go riding with the heart of EXPEDITION.


May 25, 2019



Male Female Total
3,605 376 3,981



Division Male Female Total
Granfondo 1,702 122 1,824
Mediofondo 1,581 223 1,804
Total 3,283 345 3,628

List of parts 1-3

Division Player's number Name personal record
Granfondo-Male 2999 Cheon Sosan 06:35:19.75
1 Choi, jinyong 06:41:27.32
3791 Lee Uijin 07:03:58.26
Granfondo-Female 3 Song, jumi 07:21:34.96
5025 Kim, Jihyun 07:55:59.15
7 Kang, minjung 08:10:59.48
Mediofondo-Male 5372 Jung, uram 03:07:09.76
5358 Kim woori 03:08:54.69
3886 Jeon Hyewon 03:09:21.45
Mediofondo-Female 5224 Park Jeongwon 03:30:04.58
5290 Im Eunhye 03:31:58.62
5081 Yeo Myungjin 03:39:17.34

Sangnam Sports Park – Wongdong Crossroad – Guryong pass – Seorim Crossroad – Jochim pass – Jinbang Crossroad – Hangye pass – Seorim
Crossroad – Guryong pass – Wongdong Crossroad – Sangnam Sports Park(208km)

Sangnam Sports Park – Wongdong Crossroad – Guryong pass – Seorim Crossroad – Jochim pass – Jinbang Crossroad -O’mije – Sangnam Sports Park(105km)




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