1. Parking

- You can park on the back roads of downtown Sangnam-myeon, the Sangnam Middle School playground, the back roads of Omijae-gu Road, and the back roads of Prince Maui Area.

- Parking is not permitted at the riding center and Sangnam Lifestyle Sports Park, which are the main attractions. Please refer to the guide map for parking areas.

- There is not enough parking space, so if you are staying nearby, you can save time on parking by moving by bicycle.

- On the day of the event, from 06:00 to 08:00, vehicle traffic is completely prohibited on the departure waiting road (approximately 1Km section).

- In the case of a group bus, please park in the side of the military unit, 259 Sangnam-ri, Sangnam-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do.

* In particular, those coming from the direction of Misan Valley, please move by bicycle.

2. Restroom

– There are toilets and temporary toilets in the Sangnam Life Sports Park and Sangnam Riding Center buildings.
– Temporary toilets are installed in downtown Sangnam and supply stations, and toilets in public institutions are open.

3. Shower facilities

– There are shower facilities at the indoor gym building in Sangnam Sports Park and the Inje Riding Center near the Sangnam-myeon office.
1. Sangnam Welfare Center - Address: 6 Sangnam-ro 38beon-gil, Sangnam-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do (paid \1,000 won) - Card and cash payment accepted
3. Sangnam Sports Park Indoor Gymnasium Building - Address: 24 Gurumul-gil, Sangnam-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
– Please prepare your own towels and shower equipment.

4. Main Event Venue / Preparation for departure

– The Main Event Venue is the Inje Riding Center.

– After parking in Sangnam city, wear riding clothes and go to the starting point by bicycle.

– The delivery Bib will be sent by post office courier. (only within Korea)

– Attach the Bib to the middle of the back pocket of the jersey.

Attach the vehicle identification number to the center of the handlebar of the bicycle so that it is clearly visible from the front.

– For the chip to check the record, open the front wheel QR and install it on the hub.

The chip may be damaged if the bike is loaded on the outside of the car and the bike is driven at high speed with the chip installed, so be sure to install it before departure.

5. Luggage storage

– We provide a Luggage storage to store clothes, shower equipment, etc. at the Main Event Venue. A plastic bag for storing items is provided on site.

– Please store your belongings between 6:00 and 8:00.

– Pick up your stored items by 18:00.

– Please do not leave valuables.

6. Medical services

– Operate an ambulance in case of an accident.

Anyone who finds a patient who is serious and in need of immediate action, please call the ambulance operated by the operation headquarters or emergency call 119.

- Emergency center number is +82 1047940119.

– The ambulance is responsible for on-site first aid and evacuation to the primary hospital.

Transportation to a secondary hospital must be borne by the individual.

7. SeorakGranfondo record certification

– The record is sent to the mobile and is sent within 4 hours.

(Subject to change due to circumstances of the organizer)

8. Special Supply

– In the case of special distribution, only items placed in the zipper bag sent by courier in advance will be accepted, so please be sure to bring it with you.

(For GranFondo Course participants only)

9. The Venue Map

will change

10. How to put on a recording chip

※Please put the record chip on the morning of the competition day.

(Beware of damage when lost or moving the vehicle!)

★Be careful of breaking in strong winds when moving with a carrier

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