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Theme of 2017 SGF : Liberty

Bicycles have long been associated with the image of “Liberty”.

When Dad releases his saddled hand from behind,

he first feels free and flies to his own world.

He realize how to pedal on my own to go to the world.

As a bird flap wings in sky, as a boat rowing on lake…

He is biking around here and there, and he feel thirst

under the sun, and pain when he fall down.

Every time he pedaling, he lose his mind with the new landscape and go too far.

He feels liberty like that.

Liberty of movement also gives liberty in thought.

When you ride a bicycle, you realize how many

things we have been battling before that.

In fact, let us see how few things we need in life,

and how we have overlooked more important

things for things we do not need much.

Bicycle riders who pursue minimalism are already searchers.

I have said that the bicycle has been accompanied

by the image of liberty in above, but historically

it can be said that bicycle was born with ‘craving for liberty’.

The craving to go anywhere freely without horses and wagons,

the craving to take a step into the world without a wagon driven by a man …

Now … go bicycling and look for ‘liberty of mind’.

Seorak Granfondo Organizing Commettee

Happiness to all beings, liberty to all beings!? Carmen Mills ?

Date:May 20, 2017



Male Female Total
3,098 292 3,390



Male Female Total
Granfondo 1,241 74 1,315
Mediofondo 999 144 1,143
2,240 218 2,458


List of parts 1-3

Player's number Name personal record
Granfondo-Male 800 정우람 06:39:07.68
3080 한태훈 07:23:44.42
2701 조계훈 07:29:27.36
Granfondo-Female 2701 이성희 08:48:49.66
2353 이현숙 09:01:33.29
1620 안지영 09:12:55.04
Mediofondo-Male 1008 민준식 03:16:06.27
284 김대원 03:19:30.00
670 김종우 03:23:04.67
Mediofondo-Female 1000 민병애 03:44:38.56
28 김지원 03:45:18.10
2538 전샘 04:06:10.34

Sangnam Sports Park – Wongdong Crossroad – Guryong pass – Seorim Crossroad – Jochim pass – Jinbang Crossroad – Hangye pass – Seorim Crossroad – Guryong pass – Wongdong Crossroad – Sangnam Sports Park(208km)

Sangnam Sports Park – Wongdong Crossroad – Guryong pass – Seorim Crossroad – Jochim pass – Jinbang Crossroad -O’mije – Sangnam Sports Park(105km)



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