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Theme of 2018 SGF : Friends

2018 Sorak Granfondo Theme: "Friends"

It is fun to ride a bicycle.


It is more fun to ride a bicycle with a friend.

You can talk to your friends about the fun riding last week, make your bored riding a little competitive,

a friend can also block the wind in front of you.

Oh, there is one more thing. Your friend can keep your bike when you go to the restroom.


You can ride your bike because of your friend, but you can also have many friends on your bike.

As you ride bike, you can easily get close, take pictures of each other, and have delicious meals and cool beers.

Nowadays, You can also make a friend of bicycles through SNS from far away countries.


In fact, a friend is essential not only when riding a bicycle but also when riding a long life.

Nobody can make a long voyage of life without a friend.


.    .    .


Meet a friend of your life on a bicycle, ride a bike with a friend of your life.

Seorak Granfondo Organizing Commettee

Kiseok Uhm

"Go alone to go faster, go together to go far." - African maxim

Date:May 25, 2018



Male Female Total
2,223 210 2,433



Male Female Total
Granfondo 379 21 400
Mediofondo 1,086 76 1,162
1,465 97 1,562


List of parts 1-3

Player's number Name personal record
Granfondo-Male 1596 최진용 07:03:28.78
1748 Daniel 07:07:37.16
3013 김준현 07:11:41.63
Granfondo-Female 5122 송주미 07:52:36.93
5013 Sandra Boesiger 08:22:00.08
5390 이성희 08:43:46.40
Mediofondo-Male 1756 정우람 03:08:42.17
3012 김준태 03:15:10.53
3309 배준범 03:16:04.45
Mediofondo-Female 5212 강민정 03:42:41.74
5315 이효정 03:59:20.50
5225 이진희 04:01:42.30

Sangnam Sports Park – Wongdong Crossroad – Guryong pass – Seorim Crossroad – Jochim pass – Jinbang Crossroad – Hangye pass – Seorim Crossroad – Guryong pass – Wongdong Crossroad – Sangnam Sports Park(208km)

Sangnam Sports Park – Wongdong Crossroad – Guryong pass – Seorim Crossroad – Jochim pass – Jinbang Crossroad -O’mije – Sangnam Sports Park(105km)




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