2019 Seorak Granfondo

2019. 5. 25 / Sangnam-myeon, Inje-gun, Sangnam Sport Park

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7 pass riding Gangwon-do

Date: June 5, 2010


Ten keen riders stood beneath the east of Baek Bok pass in the Donghae of Gangwon Province.
The motto was simple.
“Let’s pedaling on the saddle all day!”
They wanted ‘stronger’ then before, and at the time they had a course over 265km, 7 hills.
Nobody knew if they could finish it.
However, even if it failed, there was nothing to lose.
Just enjoy the ride themselves …

05:00 – Departing from Riding
07:00 – Primary supply: Yongsang-ri Summit
12: 00 – Secondary supply: Three-way junction of Walldun
17:00 – Teriary supply: Ministry of Health Normal
20:00 – End of riding

Planned by:Ki Seok Uhm
Supported by: Sung Jin Park


Donghae Dalbang Park – Baekbok pass – Sabdang pass – Daegwan pass – Socksari pass- Woondoo pass – Guryong pass- Hangye pass – Mishee pass – Sokcho (265km)

7 pass

Baekbok pass-780m
Sabdang pass-670m
Daegwan pass-832m
Woondoo pass -1089m
Guryong pass-1013m
Hangye pass -917m
Mishee pass-767m