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Distance 6.4km
Elevation gain 395m
Avg. Grade 6.10%
Climb Cat. 2
Course Granfondo/Mediofondo


First uphill.   It is a suitable uphill for warm-up.
The summit is more than 1,000m above sea level, but start is 600m above sea level, so the actual elevation gain is only about 400m. There are two or three places where the instantaneous slope is about 10 ~ 11%, but the others are around 5%, so there is no big burden compared to other uphill. As much as the riding early, the physical burden is not large.

There is a primary feed zone on the top of GuRyong Pass.

If you are a Granfondo rider, it is better to supply enough at the this feed zone, because you have to through Jochim pass and Ssri-jae to the second feed zone.


The dragon was shaped like a ninety-nine figure that waved a long body and was named ‘Gu(nine)-Ryong(dragon) pass’.

On the Hongcheon side, there is a place called Myobanjangi, where a story is told. In the Joseon Dynasty, the head of the two villages gave a story about the problem of separating Yangyang and Hongcheon. They decided to set the boundaries where the two leaders start at the same time in each village and meet. At this time, a young man of Yangyang rushed to his leader on his back. Beyond GuRyong pass, he ran to the Hongcheon-gun and he met the leader of Hongcheon. Yangyang was the land of Yangyang beyond its head. However, the young man who tried to die was died on the way back. It is said that the creation of a tomb in honor of the achievement of this young man is a “Myobanjangi.”

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