2019 Seorak Granfondo

2019. 5. 25 / Sangnam-myeon, Inje-gun, Sangnam Sport Park

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Distance 4.3km
Elevation gain 464m
Avg. Grade 10.9%
Climb Cat. 2
Course Granfondo/Mediofondo


It is recommended to set the gear as lightly as possible because the gradient is very steep uphill.
here are many riders riding zigzag from steep slopes, so be careful because of the risk of collision with the vehicle.
There are a lot of cars compared to GuRyong pass.
Especially, there are many construction vehicles such as dump trucks because the nearby area is a highway construction area.(Highway construction will be finished in july 2017.

Dump trucks on downhill roads are not easy to braking, so dump trucks may not be able to brake in case of find a rider.


It is derived from the fact that Jo(bird) Chim(sleep) pass is “the birds can not exceed one day and fall asleep because the pass is too high and harsh.”