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2021 Seorak GranFondo #MySeorak Information

'#MySeorak' refers to riding the Seorak GranFondo course with small individual rides.

When riding #MySeorak, there is no traffic control or support, and all accidents, etc., must be carried out solely by the riding participant's own responsibility.

If you ride #MySeorak and register your riding log and recorded photo on the Seorak GranFondo website within the deadline, Seorak GranFondo will also give you priority to participate and other prizes.

-Riding Course:

  Seorak GranFondo MedioFondo (105 km) or GranFondo (208 km)

-Ride & Certification Registration Period:

  April 1-May 31

-Prize details:

  MyRide: First-come, first-served, 1,500 participants among the participants who have completed the completion certification(Participation fee payment required)

  Crazy Rider: Selected 3 riders running the longest distance (regardless of Gran Fondo and Medio Fondo) iPad and Inje Gift Certificate (100,000 won)

  Best Contents: Selected 33 riders who uploaded content related to Seorak Gran Fondo, such as riding reviews or Vlogs

                     1st place: iPad and Inje gift certificate (100,000 won), and 32 others: Inje gift certificate (50,000 won)

-How to register for certification:

  MyRide: Homepage> #MySeorak> Upload MyRide bulletin board

  Crazy Rider: Homepage> #MySeorak> Upload to Crazy Rider bulletin board

  Best Contents: Homepage> #MySeorak> Upload to Best Contents Bulletin Board

* All events can be participated in duplicate.

* Regardless of the course you have completed, you can choose the course you want with the participation priority.

* Mobile upload is currently being tested and will be available soon.


Seorak Granfondo Office

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